Welcome to the Consultant/Contractor's Resource Page.  Here you will find information you need to work in the city.

Design Guidelines
The City of St. Thomas has published the Design Guidelines Manual for use with municipal construction projects and private development within the City of St. Thomas.  The Design Guidelines Manual shall be read in conjunction with the City's Standard Contract Documents (see below), which also provide inputs and standards for municipal infrastructure in the City.  Updates to the Design Guidelines will be published on an annual basis.  Use the links below to access the City of St. Thomas Guidelines Manual. 

Sample Tender Document 

2023 Design Guidelines
2023 Design Guidelines List of Revisions
Archived Design Guidelines


Any questions or inquiries regarding the Standard Contract Documents should be directed by email to [email protected], Senior Technologist, Development and Compliance

Standard Contract Documents

The City of St. Thomas has published the Standard Contract Documents for use with Municipal Construction Projects within the City of St. Thomas.  Updates to the Standard Construction Documents will be published on an annual basis.

Use the links below to access The City of St. Thomas Standard Contract Documents.

Sample Tender Documents

Standard Tender Document 

2024 Sample Tender Document

Archived Sample Tender Documents 

Supplemental Specifications 

Standard Contract Document 

2024 City of St. Thomas Supplemental Specifications

Archived Supplemental Specifications 

Ontario Provincial Standards for Roads and Public Works (volumes 1-4 inclusive, volume 7 and 8)

Any questions or inquiries regarding the Standard Contract Documents should be directed by email to Dan Koppert, LET, PMP, Manager of Capital Works.

Standard Tender Documents
The City of St. Thomas uses the NAD83 CSRS (v6: 2010) (GRS80) datum, 6 degrees UTM projection (Zone 17, Central Meridian 81° West Longitude) as it's horizontal georeferencing system, and the Canadian Geodetic Vertical Datum 1928 (CGVD28) incorporating the 1978 Southern Ontario Adjustment as it's vertical georeferencing system.  All legal surveys, engineering drawings and plans submitted for development approvals including subdivisions and site plans must be referenced to these datums.  This enables the City to efficiently assess, review and integrate the information into its GIS datasets, and ensures information can be more easily exchanged with others.

In support of this georeferencing, the City has installed a network of 27 horizontal control monuments and approximately 120 benchmarks throughout the City.

Location Sketches and Values

Monument and benchmark locations sketches and their associated values are obtained from the appropriate layer on the City's CMAP.  Or by downloading St. Thomas Control Monuments.zip.

To view the location sketch and coordinate value associated with a monument, simply click on the centre of the monument symbol, not the label.  Use the link in the information panel and the location sketch will be generated in a separate window for viewing or printing.  Note that it may be necessary to turn of popup blockers in your browser in order to view the location sketch.
Municipal Consents
The City of St. Thomas actively manages and coordinates construction and utility work in the right of way.  All requests for new utility installations shall be made using the City's online application portal at https://stthomas.permits.transnomis.com/MC/STH.  Upon submission, your request will first be reviewed/screened by the City, and initial comments (if applicable) the application will be circulated to all utility partners for review and comment.  Time to permit varies based on complexity and utility partner comment time.  In general, permits can be expected within 3-4 weeks from submittal.

Submissions shall include drawings that show all above and below ground infrastructure including tree driplines.

Questions regarding Municipal Consents can be sent to  [email protected]