Any person wishing to drive a cab in the City of St. Thomas must have a current Taxi Licence. In order to apply for your cab licence you must have a licence authorization letter from the cab company that is hiring you, prior to starting the application process.

In order to process your request for a Taxi License, the City requires the following documentation to be filled out and/or presented:

License Authorization Letter of Employment from Cab company 
City of St. Thomas Taxi License Application
Valid Driver's License
Completed Original Police Records Check  - Vulnerable Sector Check 

Please print off the documentation listed above and bring it into City Hall completed.

Your application cannot be completed until an original Police Records Check is presented. Once all paperwork is in order, a payment of $15 Taxi License Fee is collected. Your photo will then be taken and you will be issued a Taxi License Photo Identification Card. These cards are valid for the calendar year.  Taxi Licenses must be renewed each calendar year.

Police Vulnerable Sector Checks can be completed on-line or in person at the Police Station.  Cost for Police Checks vary.  A new Police Check is required every two (2) years. 
Note: If you live outside City Limits, you will have to complete your police check at the Police station that services the municipality in which you live.