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St. Thomas Courthouse Parking Plate Registration & Guest Parking Passes

As part of the Council approved Courthouse Area Parking Plan, residents who have registered their vehicle(s) licence plate(s) into the City database will be issued two (2) guest parking passes. 

A guest parking pass is only valid in “restricted neighbourhood parking only” areas from Monday to Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm and is NOT required for parking outside of these times. The guest parking pass does NOT allow you to park in City parking lots, in contravention of other posted parking signs, or overnight on City streets during the winter maintenance period. (Nov. 15 – Mar.15).

The guest parking pass must be displayed on the rear view mirror so an officer can easily view the pass. 

If the pass is lost, new ones can be purchased from the Environmental Services Department at City Hall at a cost of $25.00 per pass. The City will maintain a register of the pass serial numbers and the property to which they were issued.

Residents or their guests are NOT allowed to park: Boats, Campers, Trailers, Motor Homes or Vehicles with a registered gross weight of more than 3,000 kg on the street.

Please note that all other posted parking signs must be obeyed at all times. Not all streets have available parking.

For a list of qualifying streets on which the guest parking pass can be used, please see the restricted parking area list below: 

Courthouse Area Parking
Street From To
Walnut Street Church Street Stanley Street
Stanley Street Centre Street Farley Place
William Street Centre Street Stanley Street
Queen Street Centre Street Wellington Street
Metcalfe Street Centre Street Prince Albert Street
Elgin Street Centre Street Dennison Avenue
Crocker Avenue St. Annes Place Wellington Street
St. Annes Place Stanley Street Elgin Street
Wellington Street Stanley Street Hincks Street
Gladstone Avenue Stanley Street Hincks Street
Roseberry Place Elgin Street Hincks Street
Dennison Avenue Elgin Street North End
Drake Street Stanley Street Metcalfe Street
Victoria Street Stanley Street Metcalfe Street
Prince Albert Street Margaret Street Metcalfe Street
Isabel Street
Drake Street South End