Day of Action on Litter

The Province of Ontario has proclaimed the second Tuesday of May each year as the official Day of Action on Litter to encourage everyone to take action to prevent, reduce and divert waste. 

Please participate in this important event on Tuesday, May 9. By participating, even for 20 minutes, you can help make a difference in our community. 

Everyday actions you can easily do:
-Reducing waste: giving old products new life instead of throwing them away. For example, using old containers for storage.
-Diverting waste: recycling or composting materials when and where possible to divert waste away from landfills. For example, by using your blue and green bins.
-Preventing waste: stopping waste before its created. For example, by choosing to buy goods with less packaging.

For more information on what you can do and why it matters, visit: 
Community Cleanup


In recognition of Earth Day and Earth Month, the City of St. Thomas will be holding a community cleanup all Spring long! Get a group together and plan your cleanup between now and June 21, 2023.

Register your business, class, or yourself, and keep our community looking beautiful! To register, please fill out this form. One individual (randomly drawn) from the list of registered participants will receive a prize!


Instructions for collecting common litter
1. Before collecting, put on the appropriate personal protective equipment.
2. If possible, use tongs or pick-up sticks to avoid direct contact with litter.
3. Collect debris into the appropriate bag or other container.
4. Take all necessary precautions, including being cautious near riverbanks or roads, having
adults handle dangerous items, and supervising children closely.
5. Remember to wash or sanitize your hands frequently and when you are finished.
6. Make sure bags and bins are properly closed, and take to a local garbage disposal location.
Instructions for collecting more hazardous litter
1. Put on gloves.
2. Place your poke proof container on a stable surface beside the hazardous litter (use any
thick plastic, or metal container with a lid).
3. Use tongs to carefully collect the hazardous litter. Keep sharp points/edges pointed away
from you and never attempt to recap a used needle.
4. Place the item(s) into the container pointy end first and close the lid.
5. Remove gloves and wash hands with soap and water or hand sanitizer.
6. Take the container to a local disposal location, as listed on the SWPH website
Questions on safe litter clean up?
Reach out to Southwestern Public Health at 1-800-922-0096. 

Please be safe when cleaning up. Visit Southwestern Public Health's page on safe litter pick-up here.
Looking for a location?
- Talbot Street (from Wellington intersection to West end Tim Hortons & downtown)
- Sunset Drive (from Wellington intersection South to Elm Street)
- First Avenue (from Talbot Street North to South Edgeware Road)
- Cedar Street (Ravine at end of street)
- Burwell Road (from Talbot Street North to South Edgeware Road)
- Flora Street (West side, just South of the tracks, North to Barwick Street including the bridge)
- Chester Street (from Sunset Drive to Willow Street)
- City lot at Silver Street and Burwell Road
- Orchard Park Trail - parking lot on Empire Parkway
- L&PS Trail (aka Whistle Stop Trail)
- Dorothy Palmer (runs from CASO West)
- Athletic Park along the hill side - 95 George Street
- VA Barrie Trail (Stanley Street entrance to bottom of hill)
Supplies and collection
Garbage bags and gloves are available for pickup from the Environmental Services Department (located on the second floor of City Hall).

Request supplies or collection by filling out this form