A condition of the ECA is that a Public Liaison Committee (PLC) be assembled.

The primary function of the liaison committee is to provide regular and effective communication between the City, local residents and neighbouring properties on the operation of the Community Recycling Centre and on waste management issues in general. By meeting on a regular basis, operational concerns such as complaints about nuisance type problems will be responded to by the City and addressed in a timely fashion.

The committee will make recommendations to City Council, which will lead to improvements in the operation and monitoring of the site and shall act as an advisory committee and shall not exercise any supervisory, regulatory, legal approval or other decision making role with respect to the operations of the Community Recycling Centre.

The CRC Public Liaison consists of the following members:

  • Director of Environmental Services and City Engineer of the City of St. Thomas
  • Waste Management Coordinator of the City of St. Thomas
  • Representative from the owner of 350 South Edgeware Road
  • Designated Member of St. Thomas City Council
  • Appointed members (2) of the public

PLC Terms of Reference

Agendas and Minutes
Agendas Minutes
November 26, 2015 November 26, 2015
March 31, 2016 March 31, 2016
July 11, 2016 July 11, 2016
February 9, 2017