Water and sewer permits are required when a water or sewer service is constructed, repaired, renewed or altered.

Water and sewer permits are formal permissions from the municipality to construct water and sewer services and protect the safety of all residents by ensuring that these services are constructed, altered or repaired in such a way as to not to become a health hazard. It is the building and or property owners' responsibility to obtain a water or sewer permit when required.

Application for water or sewer permits can be made through Building Services, a section of the Planning and Building Services Department.

Questions about plumbing permits can be directed to (519) 633-2560 ext. 4160.

Water or sewer permit fees are as follows:

Water service to construct or repair: $100.00
Sanitary sewer to construct or repair: $100.00
Storm sewer to construct or repair: $100.00

Permit fees are subject to change without notice.