Sign Guidelines & Requirements


Sign By-Law No. 10-2018

If you require a Permit for a permanent ground sign - visit the Building Services Page for Sign Permits

Sign FAQs

What guidelines and bylaws govern sign placement in the City?

The City of St. Thomas Sign By-Law 10-2018 which was updated in 2018 through a detailed public, stakeholder, and council engagement process. Permanent signs are governed by the zoning bylaw and building code.

I have a business downtown. Am I permitted to place a temporary sign to advertise?

Yes, properties that fall in the inclusion zone of “The Downtown Development Board Area” are permitted to use A frame signs during business hours. They are permitted to have permanent signs as limited by site plan agreements, zoning, and building code. They are not permitted to have temporary signs.

Can I attach signs to utility poles or other city owned infrastructure?

No signs are to be attached municipal fences, utility poles, posts, trees or official signs and will be removed at the cost of the sign owner. Signs may not be placed on or adjacent to any City park land or City owner open spaces.

Can I place temporary signs on a street or on public property?

Yes. A single real estate sign can be placed on the property in question and one real estate sign for an open house is permitted to be placed on city property but may only be done so 48 hours in advance of the open house and must be taken down immediately after the open house is completed. There are some more detailed provisions for new subdivision model homes.  

Is a permit or fee required to place a temporary sign?

A permit or a fee is not required for temporary signs, but a permit is required to be obtained from Building Services for permanent ground signs.

Can I place a temporary sign in front of my business for the purpose of advertising?

One sign is permitted per commercial property that has not been limited by a site plan agreement, by the schedule in the bylaw, or is within the DDB area.

I have a home-based business. Am I permitted to advertise my business on my residential property?

Home based businesses are not permitted to have signs on residential properties.