Visit the Drop in Programs page for drop in gym (pickleball, dance to music and badminton) and leisure skating program flyers that take place Sunday to Friday.

The fitness track hours at the Joe Thornton Community Centre are 8am to 8pm.  The track is closed at 5pm on Friday evenings before STARS games and holidays.
With wet weather, please bring indoor shoes for the track, no boots or outdoor shoes permitted on the track.


Grass and Weeds – City Park Maintenance

Report long grass and weeds in a park

  • Email Customer Service at [email protected]
  • Call Customer Service 519-631-1680, press 0

We will respond within two business days when required.

To report long grass or weeds in parks or on boulevards you will need:

  • name of the park
  • name of the street at the nearest access point
  • location in the park
  • type of maintenance required

St. Thomas has over 700 acres of parkland and 42 parks and open space where you can find over 30 kilometres (km) of recreational trails and paths.

Minimum grass cutting standards

General parkland

  • 5 business days


  • Urban areas – 7 business days
  • Rural areas – twice annually, late spring/early summer and fall
  • Weed control – once per month

Storm water management ponds

Seasonal maintenance, late summer/early fall. The open space surrounding storm water ponds is intended to be left in a natural state for water filtration and to provide habitat for wildlife. We try to maintain a mowed rough-cut buffer behind homes at our common property lines, if accessible by mowers and site conditions allow.

Goose Management Program Information
Use, Protection and Regulation of Parks and Recreation Areas in the City of St. Thomas - By-Law 96-2019
Public Notice of Pesticide Use
City of St Thomas - Parks and Forestry Department

The City of St. Thomas intends to control annual and perennial weeds in the areas listed below.

Talbot Street, running East and West from Fairview Ave to Sunset Drive. Running North and South, one block in each direction of Talbot Street.  All City of St Thomas infrastructure, traffic islands, turning circles within the city limits, City of St Thomas Parking lots, and all city owned parks, playgrounds, sports complexes.

Weeds growing in cracks and crevices will be treated to help lower long-term maintenance costs.

The following pesticide will be used, AXXE Broad SPECTRUM HERBICIDE, Registration 32719
(Ammonium Salt of Fatty Acid, 36%) under the Pest Control Products Act (Canada) No adjuvants or surfactants will be add to the tank.

Commencing on April 16th, 2023 with a final application date no later than October 31st, 2023.

For more information contact City of St. Thomas Customer Service which can be reached via phone at (519) 631-1680, press “0 “, by e-mail at [email protected] or in person on level two of City Hall, Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Quinn Moyes

Weed Control Technician, Exterminator Licence L-212-5059427352

Parks And Forestry Department

City of St. Thomas
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