A swimming pool permit is formal permission from the municipality to commence construction of a swimming pool. It means the swimming pool permit application has been reviewed by the municipality for compliance to the applicable regulations.

Swimming pool permits are necessary to ensure that zoning standards, fencing requirements, safety and other applicable regulations are met. It is the property owner's responsibility to ensure a swimming pool permit is obtained when required. As of 2011 the property owner is also required to fill out a Site Alteration and Grading Application to ensure that any alterations will not affect your neighbours property in any way.

Swimming pool permits and a Site Alteration and Grading Application are required for all types of swimming pools and are based on the value of the work associated with the swimming pool.

Swimming pool permit applications and Site Alteration and Grading Applications can be made through Planning & Building Services.

Should you have enquiries regarding swimming pool permits please call Building Services at (519) 633-2560.

Permit fees are subject to change without notice.