What is a Right of Way Permit?

It is a permit that allows a homeowner, utility company or contractor to work on the City’s Right of Way. This allows the City to review the work proposed, ensure pedestrian and traffic safety is addressed, ensure adequate liability insurance, be able to respond to customer service questions regarding the work, and have a record of the work that has occurred.

When do you need a Right of Way Permit?

You need to submit a permit application if you plan on undertaking any work on the City’s Right of Way. It allows you to occupy the City Road allowance, including the portion from the road shoulder to the private property line in order to complete the work requested on the application. This includes such work as putting in a new driveway, widening an existing driveway or obstructing the public’s use of city sidewalks for façade repair.

How do I apply for a Right of Way Permit?

Complete the application and email it to [email protected] along with a clear description and drawing of the location and the type of work being done. Additionally, a certificate of insurance, naming the City of St. Thomas as the additional insured, must accompany the application. Also, all activities on the City’s Right of Way must include a traffic control plan and/or public protection plan. Traffic Control must be in compliance with Ontario Traffic Manual, Book 7 and Ministry of Labour requirements.

Is there a fee for a Right of Way Permit?
The cost of a permit is $56.50 which includes the HST. If excavation will occur, a security deposit will be required. Information on deposits are listed on the permit. Contact 519-631-3262 for more information.
*Note: The Permit Fee is waived for Utility Companies exempt per legislation
How do I pay for the Right of Way Permit?
After receiving your permit number, payments can be made either by mail with a certified cheque made out to City of St. Thomas, or in person by cash, debit, credit card or certified cheque. Paper copies of the application are available and payments can be made at the Environmental Services Department located on the 2nd level of City Hall at 545 Talbot Street, St. Thomas, ON, N5P 3V7.
Do I also need a Driveway Permit?

No, but a Right of Way Permit is required to widen or install a new driveway. Upon receipt of the Right of Way application, the City will assess if the proposed driveway installation or alteration meets the City’s requirements and complies with applicable zoning by-laws.

If it does comply, the City will do a final inspection of the finished work to ensure that restoration is satisfactorily completed. If it does not comply, a Right of Way permit will not be issued. Please note that Right of Way permits are not required for resurfacing a driveway.

driveway infographic

What are the requirements for putting in a Driveway?
The guidelines state that 50% of the front yard area has to be landscaped; where the driveway is passing through the City Boulevard, the minimum width shall be 2.75 meters and a maximum of 6 meters; the type of service used shall be asphalt, interlocking stone or concrete and must be dust-free; and otherwise be in compliance with zoning By-Law 50-88 and the City of St. Thomas’ specifications.
What if there is a Water Control Box in my Driveway?
The City will adjust the height of the control box if required. Before commencing work and upon completion, please contact the City Water and Sewer Service Area at 519-631-0368.
What if a tree will be affected by the work?
All existing trees, whether on public or private property are protected under By-Law 130-2017 and By-Law 101-2021. Any questions should be directed to the Parks & Forestry Division at 519-631-9990.