How much will I receive from Ontario Works?

The rates are set by the province for basic needs and shelter based on family size.

Other factors that influence your monthly allowance:

  • Income form earnings
  • Certain allowable costs and extra benefits such as special diet
  •  Basic needs 
  •  Shelter costs   

Every case is unique and your worker will explain your eligibility to you as well as what you will need to do in order to receive assistance each month. 


Am I eligible for assistance if I am waiting for other income?
If you are waiting for other income to start, you may be eligible for Ontario Works assistance as long as you sign documents agreeing to repay Ontario Works once the other income starts. Depending on the income type it may be repaid directly from the income source.

Do I need to be looking for work to get Ontario Works assistance?

Most people in receipt of Ontario Works assistance will have participation requirements. You will be able to discuss your life goals with your caseworker who will help you in developing a plan to assist you in moving your life forward.
Some participation options include:

  • Referral to an agency for job search support
  • Volunteer work
  • Completing your education
  • Counselling
  • Assistance with addictions
  • Literacy upgrading
  • Self-employment program

How do I find out if my monthly assistance has been issued?
Our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automated telephone system. It is available Monday to Friday ~ 8:00am to 9:00pm; Saturday and Sunday ~ Noon to 5:00pm

Step 1: Call 1-800-808-2268
Step 2: Enter your nine-digit Member ID number and your four digit Access IVR number
Step 3: Use the telephone options to get information about your file such as when your last cheque was issued.

All new clients will be in receipt of an access code #. If you do not receive your access code # please
How do I complete an Income Statement?
1. The REPORTING PERIOD is located in the box immediately below your name. You must declare the source and amount of all monies received by you or anyone in your family during the time period indicated. The period is the 16th of one month to the 15th of the following month.

2. To the right of the REPORTING PERIOD is a box that specifies the DUE DATE that the Income Reporting Statement should be returned to this office. DO NOT submit the statement prior to this date.

Please note that you should contact your worker immediately if there has been a change in your circumstances in addition to recording the change on your Income Reporting Statement.

3. If you have declared income, please submit receipts/pay stubs along with the Income Reporting Statement as verification of the amount declared.

Failure to submit your Income Reporting Statement will result in a delay in receiving your assistance.

**Always report every change to your worker immediately
My income is changing and may take me off of Ontario Works assistance but I have drug costs. What can I do?
Report your income change to your worker right away .  Your worker will review whether you are eligible for Extended Health Benefits or Extended Employment Health Benefits and if you are not eligible for those benefits, will provide you with information about applying for the Trillium Drug Benefit plan.
The drugs I am required to take are not covered by my drug benefits. What do I do?

Unfortunately Ontario Works is unable to assist with drugs that are not covered under the monthly drug card. 

If you are in this situation there are two options for you to investigate. 

1) You can ask your physician to prescribe another drug that does the same thing and is covered by the drug card; or 

2) Ask your physician to request special authorization from the Ministry of Health to have the drug covered.


I am going back to school or starting a job. I need help with start up costs. Is there help with that?

Depending upon the type of Participation Activity that you are completing you may be eligible for one of the following:   

  • Clothing/Special Equipment
  • Supplies
  • Transportation
  • Other fees   

If you have any other questions please contact your worker.