black and white female cat sitting on cat houseWe would like to introduce everyone to Joy, who is currently with the St. Thomas City Animal Services.  Joy came into our shelter as a very scared, thin cat off the streets. She was covered in fleas, she was dehydrated, and so very frail. We had Joy seen by our vets right away. She was treated for her bad fleas and a few other minor issues. They felt that she was anemic due to all of the fleas. So we gave her some tlc and now Joy is back on her feet and looking for a home to call her own.  Joy is a great cat, she is a petite little girl with a sweet personality! She is a bit shy at first, and we believe someone may have hurt her in the past. Once she knows you she is very affectionate and loving. She loves being pet!! She is a quiet girl and we almost never hear her make any sounds, even her purr is quiet! Joy loves treats but only has a couple before she is done. She is an Extremely clean cat and her kennel is always spotless. She is currently on special food just to help finish adding some weight to her. Joy loves the cat play room and is starting to learn to play with toys! She doesn’t mind other cats and really seems to like our one kitten, she visits him almost every day. We do not know how she is with dogs but when she sees the big ones, she goes and hides. Joy is a little treasure we are so happy to be able to share!  If you have any questions about Joy, please contact us at 519-631-7430 and we would be happy to help.