NW Area 1 Sanitary Servicing (Sunset Drive)

The City of St. Thomas plans to install new sanitary sewers, forcemains, sewage pumping stations, and watermains along Wellington Road and Sunset Drive.  This is being undertaken to support new residential development growth as outlined in the Positioned for Growth Study.

During construction, the one portion of Sunset Drive will be closed to through traffic but will remain open to local traffic.  All other construction work done along the project limits will be completed with traffic shifts where the road will remain open for the public.  The V.A. Barrie Park will be open during construction along Sunset Drive.

Access to local business within the project limits will be maintained throughout the duration of the project.

Please visit this webpage frequently as updates will be posted regularly during construction.  Check out our Frequently asked Questions page to get answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding construction projects in the City of St. Thomas.

Project Overview

**Please note that Downtown St. Thomas is open for business via. Talbot Hill, Wellington Road, Stanley Street and Elgin Street.  Talbot Street will remain open for the duration of the project.

Work Involved

  • Remove existing asphalt and concrete, and installation of new watermain and sanitary sewers within the City right-of-way for full road reconstruction along Sunset Drive adjacent to Fingal Line/Talbot Street
  • Construction of 2 new sewage pumping stations on Wellington Road and Sunset Drive (in V.A. Barrie Park)
  • Installation of sewage forcemains along Wellington Road and Sunset Drive.
  • Restoration of driveways and other areas in City right-of-way as needed.
  • Restore with topsoil and sod in disturbed lawn areas
  • For more information please view the Project Construction Drawings


  • Project will commence mid June 2022, with the full road reconstruction along Sunset Drive
  • As the road reconstruction is being completed, directional drilling for the sanitary forcemains will be done along Wellington Road and Sunset Drive.
  • All road works, sanitary forcemains and sewers, and watermains will be completed by May 19, 2023.
  • Pumping Stations will also start at the same time as the road reconstruction with the completion day of those works by July 2023.
Northwest Area 1 Project Scope mapFor more information please see the Project Construction Drawings
Project Contacts
Chris Tillart
Contract Administration/Inspector
519-631-1680 ext, 4167
[email protected]

Nathan Bokma
Project Manager
519-631-1680 ext. 4151
[email protected]