St. Thomas is now a Bee City!
Posted on 08/30/2023
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Bee-lieve it! St. Thomas is Canada’s Newest Bee City

St. Thomas, ON

“Protecting pollinators is an important part of our role in creating a vibrant city. Let’s work together, city staff and community members to protect pollinator habitat.” –  Mayor Preston

St. Thomas, Ontario, has officially been designated a Bee City Canada community, recognizing the city's commitment to protecting and promoting pollinator species. This designation is a testament to the city's efforts to create a sustainable environment for native pollinators.

Bee City Canada is on a mission to inspire cities, towns, First Nations, schools, businesses, and other organizations to take action to protect pollinators by:

  • Creating, maintaining and/or improving pollinator habitat.
  • Educating their community, employees and/or customers about the importance of pollinators.
  • Celebrating pollinators during National Pollinator Week.

The City of St. Thomas Parks and Forestry division has already taken great strides in developing and caring for habitats by removing invasive species to allow native plants to succeed, working to naturalize spaces, and reducing mowing where not necessary to allow space for native plants. Habitat is food for pollinators, and habitat is also the factor that is limiting their success and survival.  Additionally, native plants are often more resilient and require less maintenance than non-native species, making them an excellent choice for homeowners and businesses. Using native plants to create pollinator habitats reduces water consumption and maintenance costs.

“While most people are acutely aware of the honeybee’s plight or the endangered monarch, many may not understand the importance of various pollinators and the impact that native pollinators play in our local eco and food system- They are critical. Creating a sustainable environment for pollinators ensures our ecosystem's health and food supply.” Sarah Noble, Manager of Marketing & Communications, St. Thomas Economic Development.

The St. Thomas Economic Development Corporation will be sharing more information about pollinators, the various reasons to be #stthomasproud about what we are already accomplishing through the hard work of City Staff and community members, and new projects on the horizon.

The Bee City designation for St. Thomas is a meaningful step in promoting pollinator health and habitat restoration. Together, we can make a difference in protecting these vital species.