cat laying on cat houseDot came into our shelter as a stray walking the streets of St. Thomas. She came in here friendly and loving. 

Since the day Dot has come in she has been an amazing cat. Her personality is wonderful, she is easy going, relaxed and just the right amount of spunk. Mornings with Dot are always great, as she will jump out of her kennel and explore the shelter, or help us get her breakfast ready. She goes and checks out the other cats and peaks out the window in the play room. She loves being picked up for snuggles or just to spend time with us. She enjoys playing with toys, her favorite is a fake mouse she kicks around on a regular bases. She is very clean and always uses her litter box. She loves food too! Dot snacks on anything from treats to wet food and even loves her dry crunchy food. Our favorite thing about Dot is still her loving affectionate side. If your looking for a cat that enjoys being around people she is worth meeting. Dot doesn't seem to mind other cats and some dogs, big dogs she is a bit hesitant around. Dot also loves to help us out with paperwork too. She hangs out with us in the front office either on the desk to make sure we are working hard or on the dog bed on the floor. She is one of the sweetest girls in our shelter!

If you have any questions about Dot please feel free to contact us at 519-631-7430 and we would be happy to help.

Dot is 2 years old.  She is spayed and up to date on her Flea treatment and worming.

Dog sitting in runDeja came into our shelter as a stray. When she first arrived it was noticed she seemed to have been nursing puppies. No puppies were found and no one ever came to find this sweet girl. Deja needed some tlc and some time but now she is ready to start looking for a new home.

Deja is a very sweet girl who will need some basic obedience. She has started to learn her basics with us like sit, stay and heal. Deja is a super sweet dog and loves attention. She is enjoying walking on a leash now that she has learned what it is all about! She likes to chew on bones and is starting to learn how to play with toys as well as the game of fetch. Deja would not be good with small animals like cats as she does seem to really enjoy the chase. Deja does like some other dogs. She has been very good with all people she meets and just wants to be someone's bestfriend. We think she a special girl who is going to make someone very happy!

If you have any questions about Deja please contact City Animal Services at 519-631-7430 and we would be happy to help.