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Notice to Contractors and Vendors - December 6, 2017

For current bid opportunities visit our Bids & Tenders page. To view bid results visit our Bids & Tenders page.

The City of St. Thomas Purchasing Department operates on the basis that competitive markets will provide taxpayers with the best products and services available to meet our needs.

We do not discriminate in favour of any particular type of supplier. When examining prices, quotes and tenders, consideration is given to several factors, including price, quality, performance, services offered and delivery.

Purchasing Policy and Procedures are determined by the Purchasing By-Law (No. 69-2016) which has been approved by City Council and is mandatory for all City Departments.

The City of St. Thomas Purchasing Department maintains membership in the following Associations.

Ontario Public Buyers Association (OPBA)

The Ontario Public Buyer's Association is a not-for-profit volunteer organization representing purchasing professionals who spend public funds. It promotes public purchasing through a variety of initiatives and services that result in the best possible value for every tax dollar.

Elgin Middlesex Oxford Purchasing Co-operative (EMOP)

EMOP formed in 1998 is the result of merging the three former southwestern Ontario Purchasing Co-operatives - Elgin/St. Thomas, London/Middlesex and Oxford. EMOP now has over 40 public agencies as members.

The major Function of this organization is co-operative ventures as a means of reducing costs and services by permitting purchasing in larger volumes and at lower unit prices and by avoiding possible duplication of effort.

The Purpose of this Group is to promote efficiency, economy and effectiveness in the purchasing management field by: jointly inviting tenders, standardizing specifications, exchanging market information.

A listing of all member agencies and contacts as well as EMOP's Constitution and Terms of Reference are available on the on the City of London website, under the Finance Department, Purchasing Division, www.london.ca.

Training required for City suppliers of Goods & Services

Businesses and individuals that the City of St. Thomas has contracted to provide goods or services to customers must ensure that their employees are trained on providing accessible customer service. This includes construction workers, consultants and more. In general, any person or organization that does business with the City of St. Thomas should receive training. There are many training resources available that can be used at no charge.

For more information please review the City's Accessibility Policy.