1. Standard 2-110 - Patching Cold Mix (Potholes).
    A full program is underway.

  2. Standard 2-612 - Spring Cleanup (snowplow and sidewalk plow damage to grass on boulevards).
    A full road by road repair program will begin (weather permitting) the week of March 28th. The main City road allowances will be completed first. Once complete the local roads will be worked on. Calls from all residents regarding sod damage are being added to a list. Due to lack of frost during early winter events and the frequency of those winter events this program will take several weeks to complete.

  3. Standard 2-120 - Street Cleaning Spring Cleanup.
    A full cleaning of all City streets and parking lots will begin as soon as practical operating 16 hours a day until one full cleaning is complete.

For more information regarding The City of St. Thomas Spring Cleanup program please contact Customer Services at 519-631-1680.