Valleyview has 3 types of accommodation available: private, semi-private and basic. The rates for these rooms are set by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care and are the same at all long term care facilities across Ontario. The rates effective October 1, 2022 are:

Type of Accommodation Daily Rate Monthly Rate

Private Accommodation

$91.04 daily $2,769.14 monthly

Semi-Private Accommodation

$76.83 daily $2,336.92 monthly

Basic Accommodation

$63.73 daily $1,938.46 monthly

The rates quoted are subsidized by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care. Applicants with a limited income can apply for a rate reduction for basic accommodation. No reduction is available for private or semi-private accommodation.

Every effort will be made for couples to live together if they choose. Requests should be made when applying for admission.

The home provides a bed, bedside table, comfortable chair, wardrobe and all linens. We encourage residents and families to personalize their rooms with pictures or other familiar items.