City Manager

Michael Bradley


The City Manager of the City of St. Thomas is appointed by and reports to City Council. The City Manager directs and manages daily administration of the City and ensure the delivery of high quality services in a timely, responsible and cost effective manner.

The City Manager's duties and responsibilities include:

  • Setting the overall strategic direction for short and long term corporate goals
  • Leading, directing, coordinating and supervising the implementation of the policies and programs approved by Council
  • Providing strategic guidance and advice to Council for the effective delivery of programs and services in a manner which is consistent with the well being of all the City's residents
  • Keeping council up to date on corporate matters
  • Providing leadership and directions to all departments, ensuring the corporate coordination of the activities of all departments and the efficient and consistent implementation of policies and decisions of Council
  • Encouraging the City's administration to search for improvements in the delivery of City Services to the public
  • Fostering a climate of positive community relations
  • Coordinating the presentation of the annual budget with general assistance from the City Treasurer
  • Regularly conducting organizational and operational reviews, ensuring effective and efficient utilization of existing resources.
  • Regularly reports on the overall efficiency of operations.
  • Develops and maintains communication linkages with officials, groups, agencies, other jurisdictions and stakeholders as is necessary to carry out the responsibilities of the office of the City Manager and promote the interest of the City.

The City Manager leads the Leadership Team which provides overall corporate leadership to the organization. The Leadership Team meets every other week for the purpose of providing direction and discussing management issues, corporate policy and general coordination of matters of significance to the operations of the Corporation. The Leadership Team is structured as follows:

  • Michael Bradley, City Manager
  • Dan Sheridan, Director of Finance/City Treasurer
  • David Gregory, Fire Chief
  • Michael Carroll, Valleyview Administrator
  • Sandra Schulz, Director of Human Resources
  • Heather Robinson, CEO/Chief Librarian St. Thomas Public Library
  • Sean Dyke, CEO St. Thomas Economic Development Corporation 
  • Lou Pompilii, Director of Planning and Building Services
  • Maria Konefal, City Clerk
  • Kevin De Leebeeck, Director of Environmental Services/City Engineer
  • Justin Lawrence, Director of Industrial Development 
  • Marc Roskamp, Police Chief
  • Heather Sheridan, Director of Social Services
  • Jeff Bray, Director of Parks, Recreation, and Facilities