What size of aircraft can land at the St. Thomas Municipal Airport?
That depends on the particular aircraft and its capabilities, including its weight and acceleration and stop capabilities.

The airport has been redesigned to accommodate aircraft with an ALN (Aircraft Load Rating) of 9. While an aircraft like a B-737 can take off and land at our airport, constant repetitive use would stress the runway and reduce its lifespan considerably. The airport accommodates the critical aircraft which in our case is the Dash 8-300 and the Short S360. All piston and turbo prop aircraft plus all small and large corporate class jets can be accommodated.
Do you have a courtesy vehicle?
Yes. It is available for visiting corporate pilots to use while their customers are in town on business.
Do you have scheduled passenger flights?
We do not have a scheduled flight service. All of our flights are chartered and customized to suit customer's needs.

Can I learn to fly at your airport?
Yes you can, with some of the most knowledgeable and experienced instructors in the business. The St. Thomas Flight Centre is located at the main administration building. Please call this company at (519) 637-8359 for further information.

Is the airport open during the winter?
We are fully operational 363 days a year. We are closed on Christmas Day and New Year's Day.

Can an aircraft land at the St .Thomas Municipal Airport at night and in poor weather?
Yes. Our airport has some of the latest and greatest in airfield lighting and instrument approaches to assist pilots in landing in less than favourable conditions.

Does the St. Thomas Municipal Airport have an air traffic controller?
No. The St. Thomas Municipal Airport offers a Unicom service. A trained radio operator gives an airport advisory to arriving and departing traffic. The airport is classified as an uncontrolled airport. It is the responsibility of the pilot to maintain safe minimum operating separation.

Can we get a sight-seeing ride?
There is no finer way to enjoy our beautiful community than by air. The St. Thomas Flight Centre provides this service.
Recreational Drone Use
On March 16, 2017, Transport Canada introduced restrictions on recreational drone use.