Third Avenue Construction

Third Avenue has been prioritized for watermain, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, culvert and roadway replacement due to the poor condition of aging infrastructure.  A new sidewalk is planned on Third Avenue from Locust Street and on the east side from Brant Avenue Chestnut Street to improve connectivity.  The proposed design follows the City's Complete Street Guidelines to make the street accessible for roadway users of all ages and abilities.

Picture of Existing Condtions
                                                                            Existing Conditions

The sidewalk on Third Avenue will be implemented by extending the existing culvert while maintaining the existing road width.  Furthermore, barrier curb and wooden fencing will be constructed to ensure pedestrian safety.  Similarly, both proposed sidewalks on Churchill Crescent near the gully will have a wooden fence to protect pedestrians.   A map of the proposed improvements can be found here.

Proposed Third Avenue Cross-Section picture
                                                       Proposed Third Avenue Cross Section

Proposed Churchill Crescent Cross Section picture
                                                    Proposed Churchill Crescent Cross Section

Phase 1 - Third Avenue from Wellington Street to Locust Street
  • Tentative Start Date - Week of April 15, 2024
  • Anticipated Completion - July 2024
Phase 2 - Churchill Crescent from Chestnut Street to Brant Avenue
  • July - August 2024
Project Contacts
City Project Manager                       City Inspector
Javier Hernandez, C.E.T   Dean Denniss
T 519-631-1680 x4259   T 519-631-1680 x4225 
[email protected]    [email protected]