Kains Street Construction - Mondamin Street to Alma Street


The Kains Street Reconstruction project has been prioritized to address traffic, speed, enhance pedestrian and cyclist safety, renew aging underground infrastructure, and improve drainage in the area.  The Kains Street design follows the City's Complete Street Guidelines to make the street accessible for roadway users of all ages and abilities.

Kain Street

The scope of the Kains Street Reconstruction project includes a roundabout at Kains Street and St. Catharine Street, bike lanes and active transportation, protected pedestrian crossings, along with improvements to the watermain, storm drainage, and sanitary sewers.  Parking lot paving and upgrades at the Scott Street Parking Lot and the Upper St. Catharine Parking Lot adjacent to the Daycare are also included.  A map of the proposed improvements can be found here.

Kains Street Cross Section with bike lane

Conversion of Scott Street and Curtis Street from on-way traffic to two-way traffic will be completed as part of the Kains Street Construction project to encourage slower speeds and improve pedestrian safety.  The conversion is required to coincide with the Kains Street Construction project to maintain local traffic access, allow for detouring of traffic for those affected by the road closures, and to allow for the necessary roadway alignment changes required at the Mondamin and Scott Street intersection.

Converstion of Scott Street and Curtis Street to Two Way Traffic

Phase 1 - Mondamin Street to Station Street
  • Tentative Start Date - Week of March 18th, 2024
  • Anticipated Completion - July 2024
Phase 2 - Station Street to Alma Street
  • July - October 2024
Project Contacts
City Project Manager                   City Inspector
Ryan Pflanzner   Jamie Brunsden
T 519-631-1680 x4197   T 519631-1680 x4223
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