No fishing on Lake Margaret during Bass Season
Posted on 05/20/2021

As Lake Margaret’s fish population is primarily small and largemouth bass, the lake will be CLOSED for fishing from May 1 to the fourth Saturday in June. This is in accordance with the Ontario bass fishing season.

Applying this sanctuary will allow the bass to spawn and ensure the adults will remain on their nests during the incubation period to provide protection for the eggs/fry from predators.

We understand this may lead to some confusion due to the recent opening and we apologize for any inconvenience.

Once the lake is open again for fishing we ask that you carry a valid Ontario fishing license and adhere to the posted signs that direct you to where fishing can occur at the northwest and southwest end of the lake.

No fishing is to occur behind the homes on the north and south shore of Lake Margaret.

Boat Launch signage will also be posted on the East end of the lake at Jim Waite Park, where you can park on Lake Margaret Trail. Parking is also available at Pinafore Park near the Celebration Pavilion where directional signage will lead you to the north west boat launch.

Any type of music speaker will not be permitted to be played on the lake as loud noises disturb this natural environment.

Please remember to take all litter with you and clean up any excess fishing lines as this can seriously harm the wildlife in this environment.