St. Thomas Transit Strategic Plan

The City of St. Thomas retained Stantec Consulting Ltd. to develop a Strategic Plan to identify the vision for the future of St. Thomas Transit. 

The study looked at existing route structures, service delivery approaches, technology, and other needs and constraints while considering the results of the Transit Survey.  Best practices in a number of other similar-sized cities were also reviewed.

The City of St. Thomas Transit Strategic Plan  has now been completed and is online for your review.

Transit Strategic Plan

A report to Council - Report ES10-20 - highlighted the primary recommendations of the master plan and Council endorsed the report at the March 2, 2020 Council meeting.

Transit Strategic Plan FAQs

Are the transit routes and hours of operation changing?

The Transit Master Plan recommended modifications of transit routes and hours of operations to better meet the needs of the public based on the existing usage and the feedback received from the Transit Survey. At this point in time, St. Thomas Transit will operate using the existing routes and schedules. If the City receives Federal Transit subsidies, we will begin the approval process to alter routes.

Are the fares and passes changing?
Fares and pass structures are not changing at this time. Any changes to the existing fares will be advertised before going into effect.
Is Regional Transportation coming to St. Thomas?
The Mayor's office in conjunction with the City Administration will provide a report to Council if funding for this pilot program has been secured. Any expanded transit routes to surrounding areas will be communicated before going into effect.
Any major changes to transit will be advertised by the City in a variety of formats before any changes come into effect.