City of St. Thomas Tree Preservation – On Public and Private Property

The City of St. Thomas adopted new Tree Preservation By-laws in October 2017.

Please read our list of Commonly asked questions regarding tree By-laws, tree maintenance, tree assessments and tree removal on private and public property.

For Trees on Municipal (City) Property please review The Municipal Tree Preservation By-law 

If you are requesting to have a tree trimmed, assessed, removed or have questions regarding trees on City property, please call The Administration Office at (519) 633-7112 and a service request will be entered for assessment.

For Trees on Private (homeowner or business) Property please review The Private Tree Preservation By-law

If you are looking to have a tree removed on Private (homeowner or business) Property you will need to do the following:

Fill in the permit application, obtain an arborist report (arborist report checklist) that is to accompany the permit application and pay the permit fee $100.00 at time of submittal at the Administration office located inside the Timken Centre, 75 Caso Crossing. Office Hours Monday to Friday 830a - 430p.

Tree assessments on private property, are the home or business owner’s responsibility and will need to be done by a qualified arborist or tree service company. The City does not assess trees on private property.

Tree Preservation By-laws and permit applications are available at the Parks, Recreation and Property Management Department office located inside the St. Thomas Timken Community Centre, 75 Caso Crossing. Permit payment is made at the office by cash, cheque, mastercard, visa or debit Monday to Friday 830a – 430p.  Payment must be made at the time of permit application submission.

If the application qualifies for a fee exemption under the By-law, payment must still be made in full and will be reimbursed if a fee exemption qualifies.

Please note that permit review and approval requires 10 business days from time of submission. If additional information is required or the application is incomplete the approval process may be delayed.

Failure to acquire the appropriate permit may result in a fine. By-law Enforcement is done by Parks Department staff.

The City does not trim trees on private property. If you are trimming trees on private property, please ensure you have read The Private Tree Preservation By-law before doing so.

If you require further information or have questions regarding the by-laws and application process please feel free to contact the Administration office at (519) 633-7112 Monday to Friday 830a - 430p.