Animal Adoption

Please visit our Petfinder website to see animals available for adoption.

Animals are adopted to the best home possible determined by an interview process, by appointment only.  While all animals are evaluated for obvious signs of health and/or behaviour problems, the shelter cannot guarantee the health or temperament of any animal.  Approved candidate pets are placed for adoption.  Any additional testing is the financial responsibility of the adopter.  Any adopted pet must been seen by a veterinarian within 72 hours of adoption.  At this appointment vaccines should be administered and an appointment made to have the animal spayed/neutered.  Animals do not receive any vetting at the Centre unless medical attention is needed.  City Animal Services reserves the right to refuse an adoption.

There is a $50 adoption fee for each dog, plus the appropriate identification fee.

There is a $35 adoption fee for each cat, plus the appropriate identification fee.

Effective August 1, 2017 adoption fees will be changing.  Council has approved the new adoption fees, spay & neuter of all dogs & cats by the city prior to adoption (included in the fees) and the elimination of the $75.00 rebate.  Please see table below for updated fees.

Animal Adoption Fees
Type of Animal Adoption Fee
Male Dog < 50 lbs $ 140.00
Male Dog > 50 lbs $ 180.00
Female Dog < 50 lbs $ 180.00
Female Dog > 50 lbs $ 230.00
Male Cat $ 90.00
Female Cat $ 130.00

The City Animal Services Centre does not endorse providing animals as gifts to other people and forbids its animals to be used as guard dogs.  The staff at the City Animal Services Centre wants to make the adoption experience a good one for both you and your pet.  If we can be of further assistance, please call us.

Dog Adoption Application form

Cat Adoption Application form